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South African Indian Cuisine & Culture

India is known for its varied cuisine, a large part of which consists of traditional Indian breads. These breads may be made from milled flour, either atta or maida, or from rice and lentils. They are intrinsically linked to the cuisine of the part of India they originate from. Here’s a look at some of the most common traditional breads of India.

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The average South African will change jobs between five to seven times in his or her life time. When faced with this decision, there may be an outstanding debt, for example a student loan that one may want to settle.

These question arise: Should I exercise my option to take the one withdraw and pay off my debt? Or do I preserve my retirement capital? The choice you make at this point in your life, will have an ultimate impact on whether or not you achieve your retirement income objective.

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July has come and gone, and so we head into the home straight of 2015. Soon December will be upon us, when we all are guilty to some extent of over spending during the silly season. January suddenly arrives and this is when we need to tighten our belts and see the month through as we wait for the next pay cheque to bail us out once again.

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Despite the Western influence these days, Indian women still turn to traditional jewellery options when accessorizing especially for social occasions. Some items are worn on a daily basis too. In most Indian cultures, jewellery is exchanged as a gift during the wedding but most women continue adding to their… Continue reading

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