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The Indian Delights South Africa website was launched in 2010 as a food blog dedicated to South African Indian cuisine, its unique taste and alluring aromas that have made it stand out among the world’s foods. Evolving over more than  100 years on African soil, South African Indian food has diverged significantly from its south Asian counterpart yet retained its Indian identity. Local ingredients, peasant cooking mixed with delicacies reserved only for the special occasions, the history, hardships and achievements of the South African Indian community is represented in the local cuisine.

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The popularity of the Indian Delights South Africa website prompted the editorial team to expand the scope of the publication into other aspects of Indian culture and heritage as of 2012. From events and festivals to fashion and travel, Indian Delights South Africa is edging its way to becoming one of the leading online magazine catering for the South African Indian community and all others in the Rainbow Nation who have an interest in the local Indian community, its culture and cuisine.


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